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TOPIC: HYT SKULL VIDA 2017 151-DL-48-NF-BB watch

HYT SKULL VIDA 2017 151-DL-48-NF-BB watch 3 months 6 days ago #445535

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HYT HEAD VIDA - Wake up through the Ice Age

The latest version of HYT Skull combines high technologies and art, bringing brand new materials to Mammoth Off white and HYT Skull Vida.

The launch associated with HYT Skull is, for me personally, the first example of a very specialized brand that turns in order to more philosophical rather than logical consideration of time. The most obvious is it uses a enamel pattern within the dial, which represents the idea of souvenirs in past historical past; Latin: " Remember that you are going to die. "

Placed on objects used in everyday life, the enamel pattern turns into a jumping point that displays a person's mortality rate, and it is used to motivate people to keep in mind the truth of vain within the earthly life and the transcendence of the pursuit of the earth.

However , in the circumstance of HYT Skull, this particular commemoration is not only the main focus from the dial with the enamel design. In fact , what we found in this specific watch is the wonderful technique brand's unique fluid technological innovation, which adds a layer regarding meaning through the deliberate misunderstandings of precision. rado watches for men

The capillary we present in all HYT watches received the shape of the cymbal throughout 12 hours, and in this way we are able to perceive the time of liquid landing. We may know the period, but we don't know the precise minute, let alone the exact 2nd. Why this is important is because the statement goes beyond the concept of HYT Skull as a watch. Indeed, it may have the parts define the watch, but as an object, this resists the temptation to completely embody this identity. Rather, it tells us through it is design that time may be essential, but it is too precise for this, and the overall meaning will certainly disappear. scarso watches for men

So what is a view with dialing material which makes us reflect on the new Head Vida, this watch demonstrates the deeper concept driving HYT Skull? After all, from your long-term extinction of the wooly mammoth can symbolize the easy and beautiful ivory of your time and death?

The closest creature in accordance with the mammoth is one of the final mammoth species extinct regarding 4, 000 years ago. Costly Asian elephant, although it is actually larger and more similar compared to modern African elephants. It really is suitable for extreme cold, lengthy and thick fur jackets, long and curved off white, which has been replaced 6 occasions in a person's life, not just for carrying and manipulating items, but also for fighting and moving. urwerk watches for sale

As a prehistoric animal, it is one of the few creatures that today has a powerful life in our imagination, simply because of its similarity to contemporary relatives, in part because we could delve into it because this breakthrough is in Alaska. And freezing corpses of Siberia. This particular rich material has evolved using this research into the past to be able to clarify our modern knowing, and of course, in the latter's transmission cream, it is now the pale yellow of the HYT Skull Biografía dial we have today. replica luxury timepieces

Explaine to me about the process of presenting Brain Vida in the context involving other Skull watches before it.

The actual HYT Skull model includes the unique elements of the HYT logo. The process of making a head foundation model is an creative and tedious process. The particular curvature of the capillary the actual skull shape not just with regard to aesthetic reasons. As the fluid flows through the glass pipe, skull itself becomes the actual medium of time - the particular passage of time, and the moment that has not yet arrived. Once the liquid returns once each and every 12 hours in the bellows, this is a new and unique molecular configuration that will never become twice as large. best replica watches review

With skull Vida, our own goal is to establish a pressure between life (Vida) as well as death. It embodies the thought of carpe diem, reminding all of us to always seize this very day and dance the melody of life, as if these days is our last.

The most interesting element of skull Vida is the materials used to make the hoe around the dial. Tell me why HYT decided to use this material. best replica wrist watches review

We use mammoth cream color because we want to create cable connections with humans and living history on a personal degree. I have slept for nearly thirty, 000 years under the permafrost in Siberia, and we wish to give this hidden cherish a new life. The beauty of this fabric is that it is sensitive for you to changes in ambient temperature and also humidity and is constantly growing.

A key function of mammoth ivory could be that the sharp Schlegel line (the cross-hatching on the antenna routine or ivory) is less than ninety degrees. The material also displays fluorescent properties due to the existence of iron phosphate along with vivianite. When the ultraviolet source of light is irradiated on the off white, there may be purple spots, and also the touch on the biological substance is very good, which is different from what we have done now. replica luxury watches

Skull Actividad is a combination of technical accomplishment and art. Now, typically the art world is not generally associated with brands like HYT, using interesting materials in addition to rare sources, as well as designs and carvings. What signal did brain Vida send in the innovative interpretation of the future skull collection?

Many people notice art as an art form in the past. Just like a fixed thought process, the complexity of the making of watch needs to be mechanized. But observe what we did on HYT! We have created a complex functionality that is not only mechanical but additionally fluid technology, which has no preceding in the watchmaking industry. It has nothing to do with what all of us do (except our initial inspiration, Clepsydra Water Clock). replica oughout boat watches

Again, this is what we have been doing for Skull Animación carving. We are taking a form of art that has been around for a long time as well as making it a natural HYT. replica u boat watches

Does HYT possess the internal ability to achieve decoration, or is it done by another expert?

All of us work with experts and different self-employed artists who are very skilled in their respective fields.

Tell me about the type of the engraving. Does the stuff of the dial have a symbol meaning?

The style was inspired by the face painting patterns of the Philippine Arts Festival participants, “Dia de Los Muertos” or “Day of Death”. We select this design because it provides another layer of which means to the existing elements of often the Skull collection and this unique watch, Skull Vida, including huge ivory. Overall, this timepiece is so dense that it offers so much meaning that it continuously reminds us of how we should take a look at life.

Typically the strap is also part of the style cohesion. What material are these claims made of, and what is the style it contains?

Often the strap is not an addition because it has the same psychological design as all the aspects of the watch! The floral structure symbolizes the prosperous character of a happy life. This can be a very comprehensive approach, the entire is far more than the sum of the actual parts! Hublot mp 05
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